About us

Ski club Jirkov, is sport non-profitable organisation (law form - registered assosiation). Its goal is sport education of children and youth people.

Our sport activities are in winter season participation in alpine skiing races, skicross and organisation of races in local ski area Pyšná.

During summer season is we mainly focus in inline-alpine slalom races in local, europian and world races series.

We also organise significant races in in-line alpine slalom which are part of World series as well as Europian series and local series of races every year.

We also organise Sport afternoon in Pyšná action every year. This action is every year more and more favorite mainly because of focus not only on separate races, but also on the whole families.


Alpine skiing

Sport afternoon in Pyšná

Our club is suported by city Jirkov, Vysoká Pec, Ústí region and Ministry of education youth and sports.