Join our team. Although we are not skiing, we are still working hard.

Summer preparation is ongoing, There is inline course in Březno by Chomutov for the youngest and beginners and you are very welcome (foto from the course here).

Movie from our course is here.

More advanced skaters train their skills in inline apline slalom and giant slalom.
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The Pyšná ski resort has closed. Further information and details on opening hours can be found on the website skipysna or on facebook

  • tue+thu, sat
  • friday 16:30 Březno u Chomutova Inline training not only for beginners
  • individual training
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26. - 27.9.2020 Skawina, Polsko

We ended the official inline season during this beautiful weekend. In Skawina, Poland, near Krakow, we completed the Open Championship of Poland with many successes. Although the weather looked bad, in the end it calmed down and we managed almost everything in a dry conditions. Saturday morning greeted us rainyly, however, during the morning the rain stopped and the slalom race started on a properly sprinkled track, but under clear skies. This was also the reason why the track started to dry relatively quickly and in the end the oldest categories were already riding on a completely dry track. Since then, we have had nice weather and the rest of Saturday and Sunday's giant slalom races were dry. We also won many podiums at this foreign race and especially Verča (2nd and 1st place), Bára and Tomáš deserve great praise for winning both race days. We thank the organizers for the wonderfully organized races and we look forward to next year.
Complete results are in the races and results section

12. - 13.9.2020 Vysoká Pec, Cila cup - finále

So the seazon is over. We ended the inline season in the Czech Republic in Vysoká Pec. Last weekend we organized the Czech Championship in inline alpine slalom, giant slalom and the final 7 to 9 race of the Czech Cup CILA CUP 2020. A very demanding racing weekend for organizers and competitors and LK Jirkov was visible again! In the last races spiced up by Slovak, Polish and German competitors, we were again able to win several valuable podium places and also several victories. The winners Eliška (U10), Nelča (U12), Tomík (U14) and Bára (women), who won the entire Cila Cup 2020 series, shone the most in the overall ranking.
Complete results are in the races and results section.  

29. - 30.8.2020 Vyšší Brod, Cila cup

On the last holiday weekend, the members of the Ski team Mono prepared a brand new race track in Vyšší Brod. During a slightly rainy weekend, we managed to fight and we won several valuable places.
More is in the news section.

25. - 26.7.2020 Spišská Nová Ves, Cila cup

On Saturday, the CILA CUP continued under difficult conditions in Spišská Nová Ves. Even so, we didn't get lost and scored. On Sunday, we continued in Spišská Nová Ves with the 4th round of the Czechoslovak Cup and at the same time the Slovak Championship. Even today, our competitors did not disappoint, they did not get lost and won precious metals - Eliška and Bára 1st place, Kuba and Tomáš 2nd place, Nelča 3rd place, Verča 4th place and Honza 5th place. The next race awaits us on the last weekend of August in Vyšší Brod - we will honestly train so that even more of those boxes will fall there.

27. - 28.6.2020 Spořice, Cila cup

After a long break, we finally start on inlines and because of Covid we organized the 1st and 2nd race of the Czechoslovak CILA CUP (the World Cup was planned) on our training track in Spořice. We were very pleased with the foreign participation of Slovak, Polish and Latvian competitors. At the same time, we are very happy with new competitors from the Czech Republic (Písek, Vyšší Brod, Prague, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, Telnice). It was a very successful weekend for our club. There was a slalom on Saturday and a giant slalom on Sunday. The weather was nice and the first drops did not appear until Sunday's announcement. What the preparations look like and the race itself can be seen in the gallery. Many thanks to everyone who helped us organize the race and congratulations to all.

15.3.2020 End of season

Due to the worldwide Covid 19 infection, the season was terminated prematurely.

8.3.2020 Neklid, Krušnohorský pohárek

After all, the Krušnohorský pohárek No. 3 took place. Although it seems to be and it's not a jump. Ski Club Bublava found an alternative date and held a race in Neklid. In U8 Terezka again in 1st place 🏆, in U10 gust wind and ski service servis bothered the girls Eliška 6. Libuška 9. Verča 10. In U12 Nela 9. and Kuba won the beautiful 3rd place in the second round. Unfortunately, the winter is without snow, so train as much as possible. We go to the surrounding hills, where at least they still have some snow. But we will not give up.

Complete results are in the races and results section.

29.2.-1.3.2020 Klínovec, Krušnohorský pohárek

The other two races of the Krušnohorský pohárek were hosted by Klínovec, where, thanks to the cooperation of the Telnický klub and the local TJ, another 2 races of our cup were organized. Our youngest Terezka shone the most, winning both races both days with an overview, they were also visible on the podium Kuba in 2nd place (on Sunday 4th) and Eliška just 4th and 5th place just below the podium.

You can read more about the races in the news section.

22.2.2020 Klíny, Krušnohorský pohárek

Thanks to the miserable winter, we didn't see it until the end of February, and the first race of the Krušnohorský pohárek took place as part of a special shortened evening race in Klíny. In this race, we were finally able to meet in an almost full race group and we were also much more visible at the announcement. Kuba performed best in 2nd place in the U12 category and Eliška's 3rd place in the U10 category is also a success.

Complete results are in the races and results section.

25.1.2020 Ještěd - Leki Cup

We managed to organize another race of this season again outside our region, so we went to at least a one-day Leki Cup race in Ještěd. Unfortunately, in the end she stayed here for only one round, nevertheless Terezka took a beautiful 5th place in Liberec in the U8 category.

Complete results are in the races and results section.

18.-19.1.2020 Pec pod Sněžkou - Head cup

Due to the very warm weather, several races have already been canceled and that is why we are happy for each race completed before the start of our Krušnohorský pohárek. That is why we also visited Pec pod Sněžkou in the Krkonoše Mountains for the Head Cup. Thanks to a lot of competition and especially basically zero training, we won a place in the second half of the starting field.

Complete results are in the races and results section.